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If you want posters or background images

The top list is a good place to start. It has the good ones. Also most of those have been added to Cafrepress and can be make into various wares.

The info section for each image links to the CafePress section if there is one.

For backgrounds, I recommend taking the full image and rotating, scaling or cropping as desired. The full images are huge so you should be able to get decent results.

If you are interested in what the hell is going on here

The images here are created using a learning genetic programming system. The initial generations are made using a computerized fitness test which assigns a score based on how many pixels are non-zero, how many colors are used and some information about layout.

After that human votes are needed to further refine the results. This is an experiment and I have no idea what the results will be. I think many of them are decent in terms of abstract art, but I am pretty strange.

The results with small images were pretty cool. See top small images. I've retooled for larger images (4600x7000) suitable for background images and various other fun uses. It might take a while before the things learn how to make those not terrible. The images displayed on this front page are much much smaller than the full versions. Follow the 'info' link in order to see the full images. The detail in some of them is kinda crazy.

There is more information and source code in the about page.

Rank each image from 0 (worst) to 5 (best)

Feel free to use any criteria you like.
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If you are not using IE, you can also use your keyboard. I don't know why it doesn't work in IE. Probably something about me not knowing what the hell I am doing.

To vote faster, you can run this: ImagenestVoter.jar

It predownloads images into memory for quick viewing. To use, vote by press 0-5. 's' to skip and 'q' to quit.

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