Why use rsync

How to use

Rsync into your RocksDB Database

rsync -avP --delete --inplace rsync://ele-rsync.1209k.com/latest/ /path/to/your/database/

Of course, put in the location of your database and include the trailing '/' as shown. That is how you tell rsync that you want to populate that directly exactly as it is on the server.

How it works

The server, ele-rsync.1209k.com is running jelectrum server and shortly after it imports a new block, it creates a btrfs snapshot and points rsyncd at that snapshot.

This way, when you start your download you are getting a consistent view of the database right after the most recent block was applied. The snapshot stays there as long as you are reading from it.

Repair or update database

If your database is in some way broken or quite out of date, you can run the same rsync command to fix it. However, rocks changes lots of files on each block so expect that it will download a good chunk of the database again. But most is better than all and you'll be back up and running.

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