Bitcoin All Seeing Eye

Are you interested in monitoring transactions to or from a Bitcoin address or Electrum wallet?

Sign up for notifications here!

An AWS SNS topic will be created and a subscription request sent to you.

Notifications will start to flow very soon regardless of if you confirm the subscription or not. So if they address has a bunch of transactions already, wait a while before you confirm the subscription to avoid being flooded.

Simply put the bitcoin address below or the Electrum Master Public Key or an BIP32 HD xpub key

You'll get a notification whenever a transaction involving the address is seen on the network.

I won't use your email for anything other than the notifications specified above. The messages will be delivered by Amazon SNS and you can unsubscribe any time.


  • Email Address:
  • Bitcoin Address or Electrum Master Public Key or BIP32 HD xpub key: